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Prevention At It’s Best with Glyco Flex for Hip Dysplasia

I have had all my dogs on Glyco-Flex for years and recently I was reminded of how good it was I did. My 16 year old Labrador had a stroke and I had to start her on chiropractic care. The chiropractor was amazed at how much range of motion such an old dog still had.

When I told her that my dogs all took glucosamine treatments she agreed that it was the best reason she could think of for such trouble-free joints. None of my dogs have joint problems or arthritis problems and even my boxer that developed hip dysplasia seems to be able to get around better and with less pain than might otherwise be the case. It is the ounce of prevention that kept them from needing the pound of cure.

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Not Sure If Glyco Flex Works

When we got our Golden Retriever from a rescue shelter, they sent along a bottle of Glyco Flex with it. He is an older dog and they said they helped him walk better but I have no way to compare the before and after effects.

Still, my wife takes Glucosamine herself and swears by it so I am going to keep getting it for the dog. I don’t see any particular side effects from it and the dog takes it without trouble.

Since I do know that there can be different results from different brands, I am sticking to the one he is used to. I am not going to stop it just to see what happens so I will accept the reviews about it.

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New Tricks For An Old Dog with Arthritis

Our muttly dog had fallen down the stairs once when he was younger so we figured it had just scared him too much to try again. He never went up to the second floor. However, when we took him to a new vet, they found that he had a trick knee that would pop out of joint if he bent it too far.

He also had developed arthritis in it. The vet recommended Glyco-Flex to see if it would help with the arthritis.

It seems to have worked too good. About three weeks later I had a huge scare when I was cleaning upstairs and felt something brush my leg. It was our dog come upstairs on his own to see what I was up to. Now that it doesn’t hurt so much, he has come visiting upstairs more often.

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