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New Life For Our Wiener Dog with Glyco Flex

Our dachshund had to have back surgery when she was 3 years old. Because of this she was never very playful but she got around okay even if she had to take it slow. By the time she was 10 the slow degeneration of her back legs was such that half the time she was more inclined to drag them than actually try to walk with them.

A breeder we know said that Glucosamine treatments might help her so we went looking and settled on Glyco Flex to try. Within a week we could see the difference in her ability to walk and after two months she never drags her legs again. She still takes it slow but we have begun taking walks around the yard again.

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An Amazing Result for our 12 Year Old Lab

We didn’t realize how much of her mobility our sassy 12 year old lab had lost until we tried her on these Glyco-Flex supplements. Our vet had recommended them because of her age and the signs of arthritis he saw in her. We were skeptical at first but tried it anyway because he has never steered us wrong on our pets before.

Giving them to her was easy as she just thought it was another kind of treat. Then we saw a miracle in progress. Daily she got to moving around more and actually started running again. We were amazed at how much more like a puppy she’s become. Thank you Glyco-Flex!

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Very Disappointed with the Lack of Results

I started giving Glyco-Flex to both my Golden Retrievers three months ago and the results are very poor in my opinion. One dog is 8 and the other one 9. Both are champions and have been in multiple hunting competitions and have been upland guide dogs from the age of 1 year old.

Wear and tear on their joints is beginning to show heavily and recovery after a full day of competing and/or guiding is taking a good deal longer than it used to.

After repeated vet trips to rule out any other physical issues other than arthritis, I have decided that once I have used up this batch of Glyco-Flex, I will once again return to my veterinarian and try some of the prescription supplements he recommends and will not purchase any more Glyco-Flex.

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