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Excellent Results with Glyco Flex but Some Concerns

I bought Glyco-Flex for my older dogs and have had excellent results with the increase in their mobility and lessing of joint pain; however I am quite concerned with a particular warning given on the label that states that the product is not recommended for use in either show dogs nor nursing or pregnant dogs.

As an avid show dog breeder and presenter, I was most disturbed by this and contacted Vetriscience, the makers of Glyco-Flex. While they seemed quite eager to respond to my questions, they could in no way give me a definitive and satisfactory answer to my inquires about the reasons behind the warnings on the label.

I would suggest caution to anyone who purchases Glyco-Flex and perhaps that Vetriscience make it clear to pet owners why these warnings are posted on the product label.

Ken, Fayetteville, North Carolina

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