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Finally Found A Winner after Arthritis Surgery

My German Shepherd is almost 10 years old and has had arthritis since he was a puppy. He has always limped on his front right leg. He has still pushed himself to be active but the movement problems kept piling on. He has had two TPLO surgeries, one for each front knee.

The arthritis has spread to his hips, knees, pelvis and ankles. Over the years we have tried a lot of medicines, both prescription and over the counter. I have noticed very little difference in his gait.

After the last knee surgery last year, the surgeon suggested I try Glyco Flex III. He suggested starting out with two tablets a day for a month, then reducing to 1 a day for a month and only ½ a day after that.

I was amazed. By the end of the third month he was not only moving better but the limp he had had all his life seemed gone. He doesn’t realize it is the pill making him feel better so I do have to hide it in food to get it down him.

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