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Glyco-Flex was hard on my Dog’s Stomach

I have a 14 year old Shi-Tzu and she recently had surgery for some slipped discs in her spine. Several friends and my veterinarian recommended Glyco-Flex for helping her to heal and restoring flexibility. However, I found that Glyco-Flex was too strong for my little dog and she could not even tolerate small amounts of the pill.

I started out with only half the recommended dosage and the results were projectile diarrhea all over the place. I kept cutting the dosage down till I got to only an eighth of a tablet and still my little dog had bad diarrhea and could not tolerate it.

While I have no doubt this product does work quite well for some, be warned…not all dogs can tolerate it and you may have to deal with very nasty messes.

Tom, Spokane, Washington

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