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GlycoFlex Made my Old Dog Good as New

Since getting up in years my dog, who is my best friend, started having a hard time getting around because of her joints getting all stiff and achy from arthritis.

She no longer seemed to look forward to our daily morning and evening walks. At 13, (which makes her about 90-something in human years…give or take), she was definitely feeling her age.

I did a fair amount of research and finally settled on trying Glyco-Flex and I am really glad I did! While I know my best friend won’t be around forever, Glyco-Flex has definitely helped make her “golden years” a lot better and much more active and enjoyable.

It doesn’t upset her stomach like other meds have and she is once again enjoying her morning and evening walks again. Thanks Glyco-Flex!

Kendra, Akron, Ohio

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