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I Love This Supplement For My Dogs with Painful Joints

I have found Glyco-Flex to be a wonder drug for dogs with painful joints. I have several dogs varying from 6 to 11 years old, all with some degree of arthritis or joint pain that causes whimpering or loss of activity.

I’ve used Glyco-Flex I, II, and III on them at different times. It has been very good for my older dog. He had begin to limp around and was beginning to have trouble waking. After a few months on GF III, he is walking with much less effort and groans. He has even started going up and down the stairs again.

My younger dog was beginning to have trouble getting in and out of my car. Again, the GF III seems to have loosened her up well enough that it is no longer any trouble for her to hop in and go with me again. I love this product and have recommended it to several friends as well.

Annie, Modesto, California

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