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Make An Old Dog Feel Young

Our sweetheart Daisy was a Border Collie/Coyote mix, super smart and one of the most loving companions we’ve had. After her 10th birthday we noticed her beginning to favor her right back leg.

Over the next 2 years she started slowing down and so we took her to the vet who diagnosed her with arthritis. We tried several arthritis pills but the years kept slowing her down.

When she was 15 we moved and her new vet recommended Glyco-Flex. It was like giving our loving, playful friend a new lease on life. Her movements got better and she groaned much less when getting up or down.

She still favored her back leg some but she was still able to run and explore all the way up till she passed at 18. This was a blessing to have her back so much like her old self the last three years she was with us.

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